Have you ever been a subject to bullying? Well, I have. And on top of that, my best friend, who takes everything seriously and cares a lot about what people think about her, was bullied along with me. I wanted to hit every single person who teased us. Not because of me, but because of her. Like this time that I just found out about, when they ripped her chair away from her at lunch and she fell flat on her ass. I mean, what the fuck?! I want to fucking put every single one of them in the hospital. But I’m not the mean person who would do that. I hate that fact, but I would like to go to college, not jail, thank you very much. So for now I just have to deal with their shit. Sorry for my language, but if you will read this regularly, then get used to it. I swear on the computer. Real life? Not so much. So, bye for now!


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