Congratulations To Two Of My Favorite Teachers

Hey. So, I am unusually ecstatic that two of my favorite teachers are engaged to each other. Congratulations to my religion teacher Ms. MacQueen and my history teacher Mr. dos Santos. I’m REALLY happy for you. On the one hand, it’s really weird to be so happy over this. On the other hand, almost nothing can crush my happiness, so it looks like I’m in for a good weekend. Except there is one bad thing that is slightly crushing my happiness right now- my and my mom’s friend Kristen got her appendix out today 😦 Get better soon, Kristen! I’m going to make her a card and send it to her on Facebook, then have my mom give it to her when she recovers and goes back to work. Anyways, WOO-HOO Ms. MacQueen and Mr. dos Santos!! And I hope you’re okay, Kristen. Get better! So, that’s it for right now. Bye!


P.S. I’ll scan the card and show you guys what it looks like if I can attach pictures now.



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