Nothing To Look Forward To :(

Hey. So, sad face. I have nothing to look forward to until fall now. Grey’s Anatomy returns in the fall, and a book that I’m looking forward to comes out in the fall. Sadly, it looks like I will be bored a lot 😦 On a brighter note, though, at least I wont have any distractions over the summer when I am trying to finish my story, right? Yeah, I’m not fooling myself. I want something to look forward to now. See, most kids are counting down to the end of school, but I actually like school now. I get to see my friends, and I like almost all of my teachers. And, by the way, I don’t not like Ms.Lamas anymore. I’m kind of neutral now. Anyways, that’s where I am right now. And plus, to top it all off, my grades are slipping. Like, a lot. It’s really bad , actually. But anyways, that’s it for right now. Bye!


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