Hey. Guess what? I’m on summer vacation!!!!! YEAH!!! WOOO!!!! Also, I’m going to spend most of today writing my story. Well, I know this post is short but I have nothing more to say so bye!


Goodbye Ms. Lamas

Hey. So, Ms. Lamas is leaving. She’s not coming back next year. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about that. I was actually beginning to like her. So, I guess I do know how I feel about it- a bit sad, actually. My friend Greg made her a cookie cake and we all signed it. Well, most of us, anyway. On another note, tomorrow I have two finals and then my freshman year is officially over. I’m sad about that, too. I LIKE being a freshman. We as freshmen made Connolly history as being the first freshmen class EVER to win the spirit bowl. And I kind of like being the youngest. I feel more innocent as the youngest. well, that’s it for now. Bye!



Hey. So, I just took my Spanish final, the first of my finals. The thing that has me worried is that I’ve been out sick the last two days, so I missed A LOT of reviews. But I’m feeling pretty confident about this one. I knew almost all of it, I think. Anyways, when I was sick, my throat was killing me, and I had a headache and a fever of 100.3. It kind of sucked. Especially since I had to miss the last reviews for finals. And since I wasn’t doing that’s great in school before the finals or, as you know, on the midterms, I was scared about missing the reviews, but I couldn’t go in, obviously, cuz I was sick. Buy I’m going to get extra help from my teachers, so hopefully I’ll pass the finals. Bye!