Midterms Are Done!

Hey. So, I’m officially DONE with midterms! I finished my Spanish midterm about fifteen minutes ago, and I have to say, it was pretty easy (probably thanks to my index card that had literally every single vocab word and preterite ending on it 🙂 ). But, thank you God! No more stress. Well, at least until I get them back and find out I failed one or two or five (yes, I’m already stressing). But, hey, I already found out that I got a FREAKING 95 ON MY GEOMETRY MIDTERM!!! Is that awesome or what?! Alright, I’m going to go try to type some more of Running. Sorry for the short post, but I haven’t typed anything this week because of midterms, and I really want to. Bye!


I’ve Posted For A Month Straight!

Hey! I’VE POSTED FOR A MONTH STRAIGHT!! AWESOMENESS!! Amazing, right?! Especially for me, who barely ever posted more than five times a month before this 🙂 But, it looks like this posting streak may end, because now I’m grounded for a week. I’m NOT going to go into the whys, because I don’t want to, but hopefully I can find ways to update all week. Let’s celebrate, shall we?


Alright, that’s it. Sorry for the short post, but I’ll post another update after this, also somewhat celebratory, at least for me. Bye!