Happy Birthday To Sammi Talk!

Hey. So, yeah, this is another scheduled post. Today is actually January 2, 2014, but I’m getting off topic. The reason that this post is scheduled is ~drumroll~ Sammi Talk is one year old today! YAY! ~throws confetti~ I posted my first post one year ago today! Well, not today, since it’s January 2nd and all, but today as in the day this was posted. Let’s blow out some candles!

Animated gif showing candles on a birthday cake being blown out as someone makes a secret birthday wish

Yay! Look at me, finding animated stuff to add to this blog. It took forever. It also didn’t help that last night the wireless wasn’t working, and  by the time the router was fixed I realized The Goonies was on, so I watched that, and then went to bed. Yes, it’s now January 3rd. Alright, that’s it for now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMI TALK!