I NEED To Get My Room Clean!

Hey! Well, I really, really need to get my room spotless before 9:00 pm five days from now. Do you know why? Because Grey’s Anatomy is on in five days, of course! Plus, I’m not allowed to watch it until my room is clean 😦 As much as I hate this possible punishment (pfft it’s not gonna be a punishment- I have so much motivation to get my room clean because of this, it’s not even funny!), you have to give it to my mom- she finally figured out how to adequately make me care about punishments! And I’m not being snarky, either. I can honestly say that normally I don’t care about being punished, sadly. I wish it weren’t true, because then the thought of a punishment would scare me into doing whatever it is I’m supposed to do. But I don’t, so she’s trying to get creative. Not being able to watch Grey’s Anatomy? Yeah, she did a good job, because there is NO WAY that I’m going to let that happen! Alright, I’ve spent five minutes working on this post. That’s enough time away from my room. I’ve gotta go clean it so I can watch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday! Bye!


4 thoughts on “I NEED To Get My Room Clean!

    • It’s because I’m not doing that good in school (which is really ironic given the recent events, but my mom says that really smart people tend to do bad in school, so we’re working on it), and part of the reason I’m not doing so hot is because I lose stuff (ADHD for ya!), so she wants me to clean my room so I won’t lose stuff as easily. Plus, she wants me to have a clean space to do my homework, and since I can’t do it anywhere else in the house that’s clean (since everyone will be loud or bother me), I have to clean my room. I half don’t understand it, half do, and I want to get it clean anyways, but I’m just really bad at motivating myself. Grey’s Anatomy helps a lot, though, as I said XD

      By the way, thanks for commenting so much! I really enjoy hearing your opinions on stuff I post about! Please continue to comment!! 🙂

      • I am glad you enjoy my comments. I know I am just a strange person you’ve never met but I like trying to understand young people and what their lives are like.

        Have you ever wondered what the purpose of school is?

      • ~gasp~ AN ACTUAL QUESTION I CAN TURN INTO A POST!!!!! You have no idea how happy that just made me lol! I’ll make a post on that, actually, because I might have some interesting ideas. Stay tuned! This one might take me a while….

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