My Favorite Self-Written Poem Because The Post Said To

Hey! So, the Weekly Writing Challenge for this week was to post a poem I’ve written. I know I’ve already posted this one, but I’m going to post it again, because I love it so much. My favorite poem I’ve ever written:

By: Samantha Murphy

I remember the time

We were learning to rhyme

When we learned 2 + 2 = 4.

I remember the day

We were a long time away

From finding who we are at the core.

Those were good times

When we could cry and whine

And we wouldn’t get sent out the door.

Going even farther back

When the clothes on the rack

Labeled “T” fit us quite well.

When we could do no wrong

And then for so long

The adults were all in a spell.

When the shadows were scary-

They were monsters and hairy

And would eat us as far as we could tell.

I remember when we

As far as anyone could see

Were little angels, sent from above.

But some things stay the same

And the thing that always came

And still does is never ending love.

I wrote this in eight grade. I love it. I think it’s awesome. And that’s really all that matters.

But, for this Weekly Writing Challenge, I wanted to write a new poem as well as share that one. So, I wrote this one (right now, actually):

A Doubting Thomas

By: Samantha Murphy

I’m waiting and hoping

for the impossible.

Maybe this is my way of coping.

You’re here and over there

they all point out, hopeful.

But I know the truth is you’re nowhere.

But what about that strange

Happening yesterday

It really made my views want to change.

So maybe you are here

And maybe over there

And maybe, perhaps, you’re everywhere.

When my grandma died, I wrote a lot of poems like these (except they related a little bit more to my experience). I guess it was my way of coping. I must’ve written at least ten of them (I’ll ask my mom where she put them and post them if she remembers). Everyone she showed them to was like, whoa, a sixth grader wrote this? I still don’t think they warranted that response- they were okay, but not amazing.

Anyways, maybe I’ll add another one to this post. Maybe not. But I hope you enjoyed my poems.


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