Barba And Benson Deserve To Be Happy Together

I’m sure I’ve previously mentioned that I’m absolutely obsessed with Law & Order: SVU. For those of you who haven’t watched the latest episode, STOP READING NOW. There will be spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

At the end of the latest episode, The Undiscovered Country, longtime character and my personal favorite ADA on the show, Rafael Barba, quit after being found not guilty of second-degree murder, which he was charged with after unplugging a brain-dead baby (long story). Now, it’s always hard when a character leaves a show, especially when said character has been there for years, like Barba. However, what most upsets me, and the reason as to why I’ve been crying on and off for over twenty-four hours (don’t judge me), is because he left before the show had a chance to explore the romantic attraction between him and the main character, Olivia Benson.

Ever since Barba’s first appearance on SVU (season 14, episode 3, entitled Twenty-Five Acts), fans have wanted Liv and Barba to get together, and anyone who watches the show knows that the attraction between them is there, in part due to the fantastic chemistry between the actors who portray Liv and Barba (Mariska Hargitay and Raúl Esparza, respectively). It seemed only natural that the two characters would eventually develop a romantic relationship.

However, as of the most recent episode, that hasn’t happened, and things are looking very bleak for “Barson” (a blend of “Barba” and “Benson”) shippers such as myself, as the episode marked the departure of Raúl Esparza from SVU. Now, not only are we left without the one couple that everyone always expected to happen, as opposed to merely hoping it would, Liv is again left by her closest friend, confidant, and, in this case, romantic interest.

In their last scene together at the end of the episode, Barba talks about how, when they first met, he saw the law, right and wrong, in black and white before giving Liv a beautiful speech about how she’s changed him:

And then you, you started to weasel your way into my world and the black and white became different shades of gray. Don’t say it. Before I knew it there were blues and greens and yellows and reds. I’m you now, Liv. You opened my heart and I thank you for it.

-Rafael Barba

After this, Liv just says one word: “And?” And I know I can’t be the only one who expected and hoped beyond all hope that Barba was going to say “I love you” or kiss her or something. Instead, he simply tells her that he has to move on, and kisses her forehead (which is not the kiss I was referring to!).

And that was that.

All of my Barson hopes, dreams, and expectations died.

And I have spent the following twenty-four plus hours sobbing on and off (I’m not even exaggerating a little bit about this).

My only hope is that, while Raúl Esparza may no longer be part of the main cast, he will come back as a recurring character to give Liv and Barba a chance to be happy, like they both deserve. I’m having trouble convincing myself that this is the case, though. My Barson heart is broken.

They deserve better. *We* deserve better.


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25 thoughts on “Barba And Benson Deserve To Be Happy Together

  1. absolutely frustated.
    In season 19,there are few episode barba so sweet to benson. how come they are not together …. 😭😭😭😭

  2. Hello, I Know this was posted awhile ago, but I am so happy that someone else seen the love between Liv and Rafael, there are so many fans that think Barba and Carisi were in love with each other, I just can’t believe that, the way Rafael would look at Liv, it gets me mad that just because Raul is Bisexual or gay that people just automatically think his character is too and that him and Carisi are a thing, I really hope he comes back for Liv one day.

    • Especially since Carisi is clearly in love with Rollins! A few months ago, Mariska said in an interview that Raúl would “absolutely” come back, so we can always hope. If you go on Twitter, search for zizzlekwum (my profile) and look at the tweet I have pinned to the top. It’s my version of how Barba should come back. I’m on my phone or else I would link to the post, but it’s easier when I can just open another tab on my computer.

          • Yes I did comment in August because I have been Drowning in my Barson sorrow since he left and look for anything positive about them, the Barisi fandom is so much bigger than ours it makes me sad, so many of them are saying Raul Left because of the writing and how they were trying to force a Liv and Rafael romance and he wanted the writers to go with a gay storyline instead and be with Carisi, this made me so mad, I have been reading fanfic a lot to get my fix, but again there is so much more Barisi, and now things are pointing to A Stone and Liv romance after that picture of them with Noah was released, I really hope this don’t happen.

  3. I’m 100% with you on this. I binged season after season waiting on their moment which never came. I hope it happens.

  4. Agreed 100%. I need Barba back like last year! Benson has dated a bunch of duds imo (especially Mayhem) and she already lost her closest person back when Stabler left. Now Barba too!? Let this character have some stability in her life. She and Barba had a different, less heated chemistry than she did with Stabler, but I think it was a good one. And omg if she gets with Stone I’m going to throw my book at the TV. Of course I’m biased against Stone haha, didn’t like his character in Syfy’s Alice either.
    Your post was a nice read ❤

    • I think their chemistry was amazing. I was just on Instagram and can’t believe all the love for Cassidy, Stone and Tucker. I was so shocked when I joined the Barson fandom how small it it. Most wanted Barba with Carisi still do and want Liv with Cassidy Stone or Tucker. And what really upset my on Instagram they said Stone coming is the reason they could have that scene with Noah. They said Barba hated kids and was not masculine enough, I am pissed about this and needed to vent. I really believe that with Liv calling him Rafa and when Noah saw him he called him Uncle Rafa that they spent time together that we didn’t see, I think he would make a great dad for Noah, he’s smart funny and caring, he could teach Noah Spanish, help with homework, to me it’s not all about playing ball or any sports, Noah can have a coach for that. I just want him to come back to Liv and tell her in Spanish that he’s in love with her, The way he always looked at her like😍

  5. I googled Barba and Benson right after watching a rerun of Episode 10 from Season 19. In the episode and I think in the previous episode Barba came to Liv’s home. The fact that they sat next to each other made my mind jump in expectation. Maybe they had feelings for each other.
    But then again after reading your writing about them, I think I am sad too. If only..
    Since we in Indonesia are so left behind, I will watch closely for their actions in the upcoming episodes, before Barba finally resigned that is. Hiks..
    If anybody from the series executives were reading this.. maybe.. well maybe.. they could made it happen?

  6. Today, 8/8/19, probably a year after your editorial, I feel exactly like you, sad, crying on and off and wondering if Barba maybe come back to be with Benson, Berson. I saw the episode few days ago, after I caught up in Hulu with all the seasons. Kind of crazy, took me around 3 months to see all 19 seasons, and accounting. Thank you for your editorial, made me feel that I’m not the only one.

  7. I am absolutely a fan of Barba and Benson. It’s called “acting” and both of these actors are incredible….so yes, a gay male can play a straight role very believably and vice versa! The only other person that Benson has true romantic chemistry in the 20 years of the show is with Trevor Langan, played by Peter Herman (Mariska’s real life husband). When they exchange glances during the Noah adoption scenes, both of them literally have stars in their eyes. In fact you see that sparkle in all of their few scenes together throughout the history of the show. Soooo, here is my wish for the final, final episode…. we either learn that Trevor and Liv have had a happy off camera relationship OR Barba comes back and they finally admits his true feelings and she admits the same….because, that what she really wanted him to do when she asked, “And?”

    And for those who thought Stabler and Benson had chemistry….let’s not forget, he never even told her that he resigned. He never called or even text Benson after her kidnapping by William Lewis, adoption of Noah or her many SVU promotions. Even with other characters who have left the show, there have been fictitious conversations or mentions of them…but not with Stabler and Benson. And, Liv even told Nick that he got closer to her than Stabler did. I think that says it all.

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  9. thanks for this words! I”m totally with you and i love Barson! I really hope he come back to the Show. Greetings from Germany

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