This Is How Barba Needs To Come Back To SVU

Hey! I know it’s been a while (actually over a year and a half). I’m now 21 years old, so yay me, I guess? My last post was in February of 2018, about how Benson and Barba are meant to be, and guess what? This post is going to be about that, too!

It has been 643 days since Raúl Esparza left SVU, and I’m still waiting for Barba to come back and give Liv and himself the happiness they both deserve. A while back, I figured out the perfect way for Barba to come back:

Late at night, preferably after a rough case, Liv is going to get a knock at her door. She’ll open it up to see Barba standing there. She’ll stare at him for a second in shock, and he’ll smile. He’ll launch into one of his perfect speeches, he’ll tell Liv how much he missed her, and then he’ll tell her, “You know how I told you I used to see the world in black and white before I met you? And how you made me see all the colors? Well, one day the colors became shades of grey again, and then went back to black and white, and I realized it wasn’t because of you that I see color— you are the color.”

Well, that, or Liv will get herself into a life-threatening situation (again) and Barba will be by her side at the hospital when she wakes up, and then tell her the same thing.

Either way, I just need them to be happy together.

Barba deserves Barson. Liv deserves Barson. Everyone deserves Barson.


P.S. If the SVU writers see this and want to make it happen, I give you permission to use it 😂 Just credit me hahaha.

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