The Problem And Other Things

Hey! So, you know that thing that was happening? Well, I think I figured out the problem- I was typing the posts up on my kindle, and I normally type the posts on my laptop, so maybe that had something to do with it (UPDATE: I just saved the post, and it worked, so I think that was it!). Anyways, the March 7 post was supposed to be about how I went to a Providence Bruins game, but they lost in a shootout, except I still had fun, even though I was sick. My brother’s band played during the game, so that was cool. I have no idea what the March 8 post was supposed to be about. Probably something about how the Black-And-White-Masquerade-Ball was that night. Yeah, it was last night. It was pretty fun. I was kinda tired, though, but I still really enjoyed myself. Anyways, I have some homework to do. Maybe I’ll do another post later, cuz I have a lot of ideas. Alright, bye!