Hey. I am so so so bored right now. As much as I LOVE history class with the awesomest history teacher EVER, it can get boring sometimes. Like now. I really don’t care about the beginning of the fall of Rome. It’s not like I’m gonna need to know this. I have no idea why they make us take history. There’s no point. I mean, I get that you should know the basic stuff, but why do we need to go so in-depth? I like the class in general, but I don’t like the subject. It’s not really interesting. Now, see, an interesting class could be biology, but I have a sucky teacher who doesn’t dissect stuff, and doesn’t actually TEACH us- she just gives us the information and expects us to understand. Plus, she’s mean, too. Like, if one person is being stupid and not listening, then she gives the whole class detention. Not kidding. True story. I hate Ms. Lamas. I know, funny name. The first days of school we referred to her as the llama lady. Anyways, I have to go- the bell’s gonna ring soon. And besides, we have mass after biology. Bye for now!