The Events Of The January 31, 2014 BCHS US History I Honors Class

Hey. Guess what happened in Dosory (Dos + history, in case you didn’t get that XD )? So, I’m taking notes, right? While I look something up to get more details on it (while Dos is talking about un-noteworthy stuff), I look up just in time to hear everyone start laughing their asses off. And this is what awaits me on the board:

That, my friends, in case you couldn’t tell (in which case, I don’t blame you XD ), is Dos’ drawing of the United States Of America. Just look at it for a second. You can see that he added in the abnormally-large Cape Cod Penninsula after he drew the whole thing, if you look closely. I started laughing so hard, I was crying. Alright, there’s your laugh of the day! On a side note, I’ve posted EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS MONTH!! WOOT WOOT! Okay, that’s it. Bye!


Godspell The Musical

Hey! So, today I went and saw Godspell The Musical with my aunt. It was awesome. Really moving, and pretty funny, too. Okay, I can’t really spend a lot of time on this post, since Gabby is over and I need to be a good host and entertain her, so I will end right now. Sorry for the short post, but I wanted to keep my streak of posting everyday. I’ll put more tomorrow, hopefully. Bye!


Not Much To Say About Today

Hey. Haha, I rhymed! Hahahaha! 🙂 Anyways, well, look at that. I remembered to post today, like I said I would try to do. Yay! So, today was okay, kinda neutral, not really good or bad. Not much happened today, but I DO plan on putting up another chapter of The Crystal Guardians: Book 1 on Wattpad tonight. Okay, I think that’s it. I know, it’s short, but seriously, today was pretty boring. Bye!