New Favorite Song

So, have you ever heard that song Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)? Well, it’s freaking awesome! Yes, I first heard it in a video with Gabby, over at gabbyisspeaking, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. My other favorite songs are S.I.Y.R. by Stuck In Your Radio, and anything Taylor Swift. And sorry if this makes you not like me, but I also like One Direction. Anyways, that’s my talk of the day. Stay happy! Bye!


P.S. she said I love this song I’ve heard it before and it stole my heart I know every word she’s gonna dance all night night till it hurts singing the best song ever best song ever give me your hand

Hate #2: Backstabbers

Hey. So, keeping the hate train going. My next hate is ~drumroll~ backstabbers. Once upon a time, I had a nice (or so I thought) best friend named Nicole. She angered easily, and would stay mad at you for days, but I looked past it, because I didn’t have a lot of friends, and wanted her to stay. One day, after a particularly cruel conversation on AIM with her in the seventh grade, she made fun of my ADHD. I was PISSED! I immediately tried to go defensive, and soon left the conversation (which she started, by the way). We got over it, but nothing was ever the same between us, and we drifted apart. I found my new, awesome best friend, Gabby, over at gabbyisspeaking. She’s only got mad at me once in four years, and she’s a good friend. Love you Gabby! Anyways, that’s it for the hate train for today. Bye!