My New Years Resolution

Hey! My New Years Resolution is to finish a manuscript for a book before my 16th birthday, and send it in for possible publishing before 2015. Yeah, I know, it’s a big one. I don’t even know which book I want to finish yet, The Crystal Guardians: Book 1, which I’m about halfway done with but have writers block for, or Running, since I really LOVE the ending (which, of course, I’ve already written, at least for the first book 🙂 ). But that’s for me to figure out. Anyway, whats your New Years Resolutions? A New Years Resolution, by my book, is the number one goal that you want to complete for the new year. I guess it doesn’t have to be big, but they normally are, since number one goals are typically big. Anyways, I know it’s another fairly short post, but I’m going to go work on Running a bit more before I have to go work on school work. I might post something else later, but this might possibly be my last post for 2013. Sammi Talk bids you goodbye, 2013. Safe travels, wherever you are going. Bye!