Tigers 2014

Hey. So, we didn’t win the championship. We didn’t get to the championship. However, we did get halfway through the playoffs, and for the youngest, most inexperienced team in the league, that’s awesome!

We had our Parent Player Game on Monday, where it’s the players versus the parents and coaches. I almost played on the kids team, but I changed my mind for two reasons. One, I realized that, as a coach, I should probably play on the parent team. And two, I wanted to be on the winning team for once 🙂 (the players have never won in the history of the Parent Player Game).

Our last game of the playoffs was an okay game. I actually don’t remember who we played, but we didn’t do too bad. And just look at this picture we got after the game:

Tigers Goofy 2014

From top left: Coach Michelle, Coach Barbara, Coach Sam, Coach Tom, Coach | Second Row: Chris, Kameron, Jordan, Luke S., Logan, Tommy | Third Row: Anthony, Andrew, Ezra, Luke C., Michael

Although this picture was meant to be goofy, the other, supposed-to-be-serious picture was goofy, too. I believe it just symbolizes what this team is about: not just playing baseball, but also having fun. Not many coaches and teams are good with that anymore, sadly. But we are.

Also, the reason the hats are upside-down is because we had our rally caps on for the goofy picture. That’s what we do in the 6th inning when we need runs.

Anyways, I just wanted to say to my team: you played awesome baseball this year. I’m proud to call myself your coach, and I’ll definitely be back for more next spring.

Love you guys!