I Had A Snow Day!!

Hey! Well, today was a snow day. And as an added plus, I was the only kid with a snow day today, so I was the only one home besides my dad all day! Alright, sorry for the wicked short post, but I wanted to keep my posting streak, and I have to go study for chem. By the way, does anyone know how to find the charges of ions?? Bye!



Hey! So, first, don’t take this like I’ve never seen snow before, because clearly I have. C’mon, people, I’ve made it pretty damn clear that I live in New England. But, we’re getting a lot of snow right now, and I mean A LOT. The visibility is low, and, though the weather channel says we’re only supposed to get 2-4 inches, I’m pretty sure we’ve already gotten 1/2 a foot. Of course, this is just from looking outside, but still. Alright, I was planning on going on a little more, but I am in school, and I have to do some things. Sorry for the short post. Bye!


Sledding (And Other Happenings Of Today)

Hey! Today was a long day. As the title says, we went sledding, but that was later in the day. Today started out with me (and eventually my mom) searching for an hour for my snow pants so I could play outside in the snow with my family. Up until that point, I had been typing Chapter 2 of Running in my room. By the time we find my snow pants, everyone is coming in (literally, I walked up the stairs with my pants and they were walking in the door). My little 5-year-old brother AJ says he’ll go back out with me to play with me, so he waits for me to put my pants, boots, hat, scarf, and jacket on, and we go out in the snow.

About five minutes later, he wants me to push him on the swing, so we walk across the yard to the swing, and he tries to hop on. This knocks his glove off. “Oh no!” he shouts. Finally, after several failed attempts to put his glove on, I admit defeat. “Alright, let’s go have Mommy put it on,” I say. I tell you, trying to put on a five-year-old’d glove is hard work! We start running to the front yard, where my mom and my 13-year-old brother Roman are shoveling the driveway, but halfway there, AJ’s boot falls off!

“Sam!” he yells, since I’m a little ahead (I am 9 1/2 years older than him). “My boot! It fell off!” I look back and see that, yes, it had indeed gotten stuck in the snow and was not on his foot. Now I’m starting to worry, since AJ’s sitting in the snow, his foot (the one without the boot on it) in the snow, and it’s 15°F, with the windchill making it seem 20°F colder. I yell, “Stick your foot up in the air!” He doesn’t, so I try a different tactic. “C’mon, stand up so I can carry you to Mom!” I shout (I’m yelling and shouting because 1. my hood makes it hard to hear, and 2. I’m nervous that if he’s out in the cold any longer he could get frostbite or something. People shout when they get worried.

Anyways, when AJ hears me say “Mom,” he gets up and starts running to the front yard. I run after him, yelling at him to stop and let me carry him. He doesn’t, and we reach my mom, who basically tells him to go inside and get fixed up (get new socks, get re-bundled-up, etc…). He starts to cry, so I hurriedly explain that we’re not going to stay inside, but we’re just going to get ready to stay warm when we’re outside again. He seems to get this, and walks inside with me. When we get inside, he decides that he wants to stay in, so I take his snow clothes off and wrap him in a blanket, and then go back out to help shovel.

Fast forward a few hours. We went sledding. It was really fun! I tried to use my snowboard that I got for Christmas, but my feet were too big. Amanda and AJ were able to use it, though. At the end of our sledding adventures, Mom, me, Roman, AJ, and Amanda all went down the hill in the same sled a few times. It was fun!

Yep, today was really fun! Alright, I’m going to go see if I can finish Chapter 2 of Running, maybe get it published on Wattpad tonight? Bye!



Hey. So, we have about half a foot of snow outside, heavy, wet snow, so we’re expecting to lose power. It hasn’t been boring around here, though. I’ve been playing on my kindle, and went to play outside with my 3 little siblings for a while. Then my parents came out, and the whole family was having a snowball fight until I had to shovel with my mom. After that, me and my mom went inside to find that we were literally dripping wet! It was crazy! Well, that’s it for now. Updates to come, maybe. Bye!


Storm and Doctors

Hey. Yay! There’s supposed to be a blizzard tomorrow! My school is already cancelled! I can’t wait to play in the snow. Yes, at 14 I still love snow. I’m so excited! On another note, today I went to a new Lyme specialist. I had to get 5 whole vials of blood taken, but it was by far the most awesomest blood drawing experience that has ever happened to me. First of all, they had this numbing spray, so I barely felt the needle going in. Also, they press some button on the needle holder when they’re done, and the needle pops out, quick and painlessly and automatically. It was sooo cool!. Also, I’m still working on getting a picture of our hamster up, so stay tuned! Bye for now!