Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, And Grey’s Anatomy

Hey. Happy Thanksgiving! And for those who are Jewish , happy Hanukkah! I hope you all enjoyed the first day of Hanukkah yesterday, because that alignment with Thanksgiving only happens once every 78,000 years! Wow, I know, right! My Thanksgiving was okay, I guess. We watched the parade, then it started out on a shaky note when we got to my grandpa’s house, but it ended up pretty good. The dinner was awesome, of course, as always, and so was the pie and ice cream 🙂 Both of my brothers, ages 5 and 13, ended up having to do the nebulizer due to an asthma attack, on a different note. Then, we went to my other grandparents’ house at around 5 or 6. We stayed for a couple hours, then went home. I was totally dejected to find out that there was no Grey’s Anatomy on that night 😥 But then I found a sale on Spore on Steam, and bought it for half off. And if you want to take advantage of that sale, hurry- it ends December 3rd. So I spent the rest of the night playing Spore. Well, that’s it for now. How was your day yesterday? Bye!