Hate #4: Slow Computers

Hey. So, my next hate is ~drumroll~ slow computers. Yuck. They screw everything up, especially if you’re playing a game. Like The Sims 3, for instance. I try to play it, but my stupid laptop is so slow that my Sims take like 1 step every 5 seconds! It’s so annoying! Or when you’re trying to scroll down to read something, and you scroll once. When it freezes, you scroll like a million times in annoyance and anger and by the time it unfreezes you’ve scrolled so much that the screen is at the bottom of what you were trying to read, so you have to scroll back up and try to find where you left off. But it’s a never ending cycle, because when you scroll up the same thing happens, and you find yourself at the top of what you were trying to read. Anyways, that’s my rant for today. Bye!