Seahawks Win! Seahawks Win! Seahawks Win!

Hey! First, SEAHAWKS WIN!! Wow, Broncos, that was… just, wow. Anyways, did you guys get tht Fairly Odd Parents reference from the title of this? Ballhogs win, Ballhogs win, Ballhogs win, said by Chet Ubetcha. Alright, sorry for the short post, but I gotta go to bed. But, before I go..:

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist! Alright, bye!


Superbowl Tomorrow!

Hey! So, I have a dilemma. The Superbowl is tomorrow, but I’m grounded until my room is cleaned, but I have a long homework assignment to do. I want to watch it, but I probably won’t be able to, and that’ll be the first time in like, ten years that I haven’t. ~sigh~ Well, I really hope it works out. Sorry for the short post, but this didn’t fit in with the other post that I’m trying to get up today, plus I wanted to keep my posting streak. Bye!


P.S. GO SEAHAWKS!! (Just because I don’t like the Broncos since they beat the Patriots).