School Tomorrow

Hey! Well, February vacation’s over, at least for me and my brothers (although I’m sure that they would disagree and tell me it’s not over until they get to school 🙂 )- my sister has tomorrow off, thanks to a teacher training day at her school. I’m happy to go back (like I used to be before those assholes at the public school started to bully me), except for the fact that I have a Dos quiz tomorrow. Which, by the way, quizzes are harder than tests. Alright, sorry for the short post, but there’s a request for a post (well, maybe not exactly a request, but I made it one 🙂 ) and I’m so excited that I’m going to start it now! Bye!



I Really Hope There’s A Snow Day Tomorrow

Hey! So, I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I’ve heard it’s supposed to snow from 3 AM to 5 PM, so we’ll probably have one, but I don’t know. Sorry for the short post, but I just wanted to keep my posting streak. Bye!


Religion And Art Midterms And Tomorrow

Hey. So, my religion midterm was a piece of cake (I think) and my art midterm wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Yay! And do you know what tomorrow is? ~dramatic pause~ It will be the one month mark of posting every single day! How awesome is that?! I know, right?! Oh, and sorry for saying that I had another post coming yesterday when I didn’t. I started working on it, but then I had to study more. Alright, sorry for the short post, but I need to leave school to go home. I’ll post that post I meant to put up yesterday later. Bye!


Godspell The Musical

Hey! So, today I went and saw Godspell The Musical with my aunt. It was awesome. Really moving, and pretty funny, too. Okay, I can’t really spend a lot of time on this post, since Gabby is over and I need to be a good host and entertain her, so I will end right now. Sorry for the short post, but I wanted to keep my streak of posting everyday. I’ll put more tomorrow, hopefully. Bye!


Guess Who Turns 15 Tomorrow?!

Hey. So, YES!!! I FINALLY turn 15 tomorrow. Although I did like being 14, it’s nice to finally have a ‘me’ day tomorrow. I promise that I will get to explaining about my vacation soon, but right now I need to finish some homework. I will NOT start out my first day as a 15-year-old with not handing in some homework. Bye!


P.S. The best birthday present you can give me is to comment Happy Birthday! 🙂