Stupid Confirmation Retreat

Hey! So, this is a scheduled post, because, guess what?! Today (tomorrow when I’m writing this post) I’m at a 12-hour confirmation retreat. Yippee. Oh what fun. Ha. Yeah, right. They’re so boring, except for the two we’ve had at a cathedral in Providence. Those were pretty fun, or at least interesting. I’ll tell you how it went later. Bye (wish me luck! I’ll need it 😦 )!


I’m Un-Grounded!!

Hey! Guess what?  I’m un-grounded! Yay! I should post something awesome later to celebrate, but I might be too busy watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. But I’ll try. Anyways, sorry for the short post, but my time is up to schedule posts. Bye!


P.S. (This is no longer part of the scheduled post). I got the grounding days wrong. Apparently I’m un-grounded today, Thurday, instead of tomorrow, Friday, so yay!