I Know, I Know

Hey! So, I’m very sorry for my absence on this blog. However, it hasn’t been entirely my fault. I’ve tried to post a couple posts, but before they post, my laptop always decides to restart for updates. Also, I scheduled my August 8th blog chain post, which somehow didn’t post, so I need to re-type that. Anyways, what this all means is that I have a lot of work to do. Contributing to that is the fact that I’ve been super busy trying to figure out the whole- never mind, can’t tell you about that yet, because I want to make a huge, long post about it. Sorry for the suspense 🙂 Alright, I’ll go work on a post or two now that got lost. I’ll try to post more, even with my busy schedule. Bye!


The Problem And Other Things

Hey! So, you know that thing that was happening? Well, I think I figured out the problem- I was typing the posts up on my kindle, and I normally type the posts on my laptop, so maybe that had something to do with it (UPDATE: I just saved the post, and it worked, so I think that was it!). Anyways, the March 7 post was supposed to be about how I went to a Providence Bruins game, but they lost in a shootout, except I still had fun, even though I was sick. My brother’s band played during the game, so that was cool. I have no idea what the March 8 post was supposed to be about. Probably something about how the Black-And-White-Masquerade-Ball was that night. Yeah, it was last night. It was pretty fun. I was kinda tired, though, but I still really enjoyed myself. Anyways, I have some homework to do. Maybe I’ll do another post later, cuz I have a lot of ideas. Alright, bye!


First Day Back At School

Hey. Well, today marked the official end of my Christmas vacation. No frowny face, though- I’m fairly happy to be back at school, for multiple reasons. First, I think I was going to go crazy if I was stuck at home for even one more day. I don’t think my family and I were meant to be together 24/7, let me tell you! Second, I missed my friends, who I hadn’t seen since before the break. And third, I was just getting bored. Today was pretty fun, even though I was exhausted (i haven’t been sleeping very well lately). I brought my laptop and tested to see if I could take notes without getting distracted, and so far, so good! I took amazing notes in Religion, plus I used my online Geometry book without distraction. Alright, I’m going to go play some games before my half hour of free time is up. Sorry for the short post. Maybe if I finish my homework I’ll post a longer one. Bye!


Successful Shopping Trip!

Hey! Today, me and my mom went shopping! I got a crap-load of clothes! First, we went to American Eagle, where I got three pairs of jeans, a sweater, and a nice top. Then, we went into JC Penny, where I found a nice jacket, marked down $55, from $85 to $35, plus another shirt. After that, when we went into Aeropostale, I got boots, and a few nice shirts. Last, we went to Hollister. I got a pair of jeans, plus a few shirts. Normally, we don’t shop in those stores (except JC Penny) because they’re all wayyyy too expensive, but they were all having massive sales, like 70% off sales, so we took advantage of those amazing opportunities and shopped our butts off. Now, I’m sitting here on my bed, with my laptop on my lap, trying to type with my kitten Burban sitting on my chest. It’s hard, and I’m getting frustrated with all the typos I’m making, so I’m going to end the post now. Bye!


P.S. Breaking news! I’m going to see Saving Mr. Banks with Gabby tonight!


Sledding (And Other Happenings Of Today)

Hey! Today was a long day. As the title says, we went sledding, but that was later in the day. Today started out with me (and eventually my mom) searching for an hour for my snow pants so I could play outside in the snow with my family. Up until that point, I had been typing Chapter 2 of Running in my room. By the time we find my snow pants, everyone is coming in (literally, I walked up the stairs with my pants and they were walking in the door). My little 5-year-old brother AJ says he’ll go back out with me to play with me, so he waits for me to put my pants, boots, hat, scarf, and jacket on, and we go out in the snow.

About five minutes later, he wants me to push him on the swing, so we walk across the yard to the swing, and he tries to hop on. This knocks his glove off. “Oh no!” he shouts. Finally, after several failed attempts to put his glove on, I admit defeat. “Alright, let’s go have Mommy put it on,” I say. I tell you, trying to put on a five-year-old’d glove is hard work! We start running to the front yard, where my mom and my 13-year-old brother Roman are shoveling the driveway, but halfway there, AJ’s boot falls off!

“Sam!” he yells, since I’m a little ahead (I am 9 1/2 years older than him). “My boot! It fell off!” I look back and see that, yes, it had indeed gotten stuck in the snow and was not on his foot. Now I’m starting to worry, since AJ’s sitting in the snow, his foot (the one without the boot on it) in the snow, and it’s 15°F, with the windchill making it seem 20°F colder. I yell, “Stick your foot up in the air!” He doesn’t, so I try a different tactic. “C’mon, stand up so I can carry you to Mom!” I shout (I’m yelling and shouting because 1. my hood makes it hard to hear, and 2. I’m nervous that if he’s out in the cold any longer he could get frostbite or something. People shout when they get worried.

Anyways, when AJ hears me say “Mom,” he gets up and starts running to the front yard. I run after him, yelling at him to stop and let me carry him. He doesn’t, and we reach my mom, who basically tells him to go inside and get fixed up (get new socks, get re-bundled-up, etc…). He starts to cry, so I hurriedly explain that we’re not going to stay inside, but we’re just going to get ready to stay warm when we’re outside again. He seems to get this, and walks inside with me. When we get inside, he decides that he wants to stay in, so I take his snow clothes off and wrap him in a blanket, and then go back out to help shovel.

Fast forward a few hours. We went sledding. It was really fun! I tried to use my snowboard that I got for Christmas, but my feet were too big. Amanda and AJ were able to use it, though. At the end of our sledding adventures, Mom, me, Roman, AJ, and Amanda all went down the hill in the same sled a few times. It was fun!

Yep, today was really fun! Alright, I’m going to go see if I can finish Chapter 2 of Running, maybe get it published on Wattpad tonight? Bye!


What I Got For Christmas

Hey. Okay, first, I should tell you, if you don’t like listening to other people’s gifts that they received, then stop reading, because I am going to go through literally everything that I got. I have my present pile (like that alliteration? 🙂 ) right next to me, ready to go through it and tell you everything I got. Well, here we go.

Christmas Eve Presents

I got presents from my aunt, my grandpa, and my great aunt and uncle on Christmas Eve. I got a beautiful bracelet from my grandpa. Maybe I’ll post a picture of it later. From my aunt, I received a Christmas ornament, as well as some make-up stuff, hair stuff, and nail stuff. From my great aunt and uncle, I received $20, plus a bunch of candy! Christmas Eve was fun.

Christmas Day Presents

Get comfy, because this is a long list. Okay, I’ll start with the stuff from my parents and Santa. I got a lot of shirts, which I was in desperate need of. I of course got a stocking full of candy and deodorant and blistex and a sock monkey and an iTunes gift card, along with other stuff. Oh, and Uncle put $50 in a card in my stocking. Now, back to the presents that were waiting under the tree. I got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 for the PS3, another sock monkey, sock monkey slippers, Taken 2, Taylor Swift’s debut album, Pokemon X, Salt, a Webkinz (don’t know why, but I’m not complaining- I get a part of my childhood back!), as well as Sim City for the computer. I also got a blanket, a snowboard, an ornament, a calender, lotion, a snuggie, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS, gloves, a scarf, a hat, and a coffee cup with a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card in it. I believe that’s the majority of it. Oh yeah, and my laptop that I’m using right now! Later, I received a $100 bill from my grandparents.

Yeah, it was a pretty awesome Christmas. How was yours? And I’m still keeping the posting streak! This is the 10th day, I believe? Alright, that’s it for now. Bye!



Hey. OMG guess what?! I might get a job!!! At my mom’s work, filing papers. Apparently my mom’s boss though that I do a good job with it (I help out to get community service hours) and asked my mom if it was okay if she looked into how old you have to be to work there, so I could work there over the summer. I’m 14, soon to be 15 (on September 11, and yes, I know, but you’ll never forget it), so I can legally get a workers permit, but my mom works at a partial hospitalization program at Arbour Counseling Services, so my age might be a problem, but maybe not, since it’s not like I’m coming in contact with clients. I’ll get $9 an hour, more than minimum wage!! And this will definitely help with me getting the money for a Dell Ultrabook laptop! I want the expensive one because I figure that if I get the expensive one it won’t randomly break. Anyways, I’m so excited!! I’ll end the post on that note. Bye!


Hate #4: Slow Computers

Hey. So, my next hate is ~drumroll~ slow computers. Yuck. They screw everything up, especially if you’re playing a game. Like The Sims 3, for instance. I try to play it, but my stupid laptop is so slow that my Sims take like 1 step every 5 seconds! It’s so annoying! Or when you’re trying to scroll down to read something, and you scroll once. When it freezes, you scroll like a million times in annoyance and anger and by the time it unfreezes you’ve scrolled so much that the screen is at the bottom of what you were trying to read, so you have to scroll back up and try to find where you left off. But it’s a never ending cycle, because when you scroll up the same thing happens, and you find yourself at the top of what you were trying to read. Anyways, that’s my rant for today. Bye!